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Rocko’s Herb-Roasted Chicken was established in 2017

The company was named Agros Trofi Corporation, which is currently situated in Marilao, Bulacan. The Rocko's Chicken is known for its Mediterranean taste and has a heavenly taste that will make you want more. 

Agros Trofi Corporation had a humble beginning, it only started with 3 stores. As time passed by, Rocko’s Chicken is starting to create its name in the market, People are starting to look for Rocko’s Chicken to satisfy their cravings. It became popular not only because of the distinct flavor but also because the sauce has a mouthwatering taste that you can’t resist.

Rocko's Herb-Roasted Chicken gets bigger and bigger in market presence by opening stores in Region III and National Capital Region.

Rocko's Herb-Roasted Chicken achieved its desired goal through the hardships and camaraderie of all the people behind this Company. Now, Rocko’s chicken is genuinely accepted in the market, resulting in satisfying feedback and success for the company.


To be the premier curator of Chicken Dishes in the neighborhoods and zones we operate in whilst maintaining our uncompromised standards of quality in our pursuit of customer satisfaction.


To satisfy chicken epicurean desires, one customer at a time.